salon de vallon, which translates to ‘salon of the glen’, is a French-inspired hair salon offering a full range of relaxation and beauty services for men and women located in West Glen Town Center. The extensive menu includes the best natural ingredients and cutting edge products imported from Paris, bringing a touch of France to Des Moines!

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Prive Products
The Privé Formule Aux Herbes hair care collection includes 22 products for cleansing, conditioning, treating, styling and finishing hair. Each product in the collection contains herbal blends specially developed by celebrity stylist Laurent Dufourg.
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Rene Products
Filled with powerful natural ingredients, formed in a pharmaceutical lab in Paris, René Furterer products offer sweet relief and healing for hair in despair, infusing the scalp with the nutrients needed to boost tresses to their peak potential.
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Orofluido Products
OroFluido Oil contains Cyerus Oil and a number of natural, exotic oils making it the ultimate conditioning hair product. With just a few drops, blow-drying time can be cut by up to 20% and hair will be restored with a luminous shine and lustre.
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Qtica Products
Qtica nail strengthener uses a unique blend of vegetable proteins, vitamins and amino acids to automatically create stronger, healthier looking nails. Whether you have dry and brittle nails, or soft and peeling nails, Qtica will make your natural nails look better than ever.
Nufree Products
Nufree Nudesse Botanical Hair Removal System contains no chemicals, sugar or wax and is 100 percent botanical. Nufree removes the entire hair, root, bulb and shaft each time, leaving behind smooth, healthy skin.
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InfraShine Products
InfraShine Flat Irons heat up instantly, generating negative ions that produce even, uniform, and controlled heat along the surface of the iron. InfraShine allow you to straighten hair in a single pass and then curl, flip, or press it into virtually any shape or style.
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O.P.I. Products
OPI offers a range of treatments and polish colors to help your nails grow strong and beautiful.
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Mason Pearson Products
Regular brushing plays an important part in the condition of your hair. The Mason Pearson Hairbrush cleans the hair, stimulates the scalp and increases blood flow to the roots.
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Solano Products
Solano Finger Softstyler Diffuser features unique finger extenders, that interact with the artist for the creation of softness and design, enhanced volume and superior control.
BaByliss Products
BaByliss Ceramic Pro Hair setter can help you achieve any and all curly looks without damaging your hair.
Men's Shaving Kits
salon de vallon carries an array of classic, beautiful men’s shaving kits. Complete shaving kits include a shaving brush, mug, shaving soap and safety razor.
la-tweez Products
Illuminating Tweezers are a revolutionary new concept in perfecting tweezing. Crafted from the finest stainless steel, the hand filed tips are perfectly aligned and guaranteed to tweeze.
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Swarovski Products
Enhance your hair’s style with Swarovski jeweled headbands, hair ties and clips found at salon de vallon.
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